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Cigar Mechanic - Humidifiers

Cigar Mechanic – Humidifier Devices

The first of its kind in the cigar industry, using nano technology humidity beads. This technology has been used to preserve Museum artifacts and is now available to preserve your cigars.

The great advantages of Cigar Mechanic:

  • No product shrinkage, all you need to add is distilled water and they last forever

  • They will humidify a humidor anywhere from 3 weeks to 5 months (depending on how often the humidor is opened)

  • The first of its kind, no other humidification device currently uses this technology

  • FDA approved, non-toxic

  • Nano bead/pearls (no swell and no gel)

  • Will reabsorb excess humidity and maintain at a 70-72% level

Cigar Mechanic - Humidifiers