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Padron Cigars

Padron Cigars is a family owned and run business, that has fully integrated all aspects of cigar manufacture, “from planting the tobacco seed to distributing the finished product to cigar retailers”. This family business was established in 1964 in Little Havana, Florida, where the corporate offices remain and they now have over 600 employees, working in their factories in Nicaragua and Honduras.

They remain committed to producing a top quality product and strictly limit their production numbers to ensure that every cigar they manufacture is of the highest standard possible. The result being,these wonderful cigars are highly sought after and very highly regarded by aficionados the world over.

As a general rule the naturals are well balanced and quite spicy, the maduros are redolent with coffee bean tastes and aromas, with an earthy touch.

Truly memorable cigars!

Padron Cigars