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Farm Rolled Flying Pig (20)

  • The Javali (the boar) cigar comes in 2 distinct sizes, 2 wrappers and 2 blends. Javali Largo 6 x 60 & Javali Gordo 4 x 60. 
    Due to the difficulty of rolling such a unique vitola, the rolling process is limited to just one pair of trained rollers, making the cigars extremely limited. Described by many as one of the best and most complex blends produced it  is a rare treat that every cigar enthusiast and collector alike should strive to have in their humidor. Expect immaculate construction and rich flavors of earth, chocolate, coffee, pepper, and vanilla -
  • Price: $86.00 USD

  • Length: 4 1/4" Ring Gauge: 65 (108mm x 26mm)
  • Format:Figurado
  • Cigars per box:20

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