Merchant Cigars Belicosos (20)

  • These sharply shaped cigars always turn heads due to the distinctive conical shape of its head. Besides eye catching, this design further amplifies the richness of its flavours and in particular it intensifies the aromas. The Belicoso can be enjoyed in around an hour and suits those of us who prefer a premium cigar with a hint of spice. 

    If the smell of a fine cigar is the siren call you simply can't resist, you're not alone. Smoking a cigar as memorable as the Belicoso marks an occasion and literally imprints it in the memory bank. All you need to do to instantly transport yourself back into that moment is to simply light another. A time machine disguised as a premium Nicaragua cigar.
  • Price: €94.98 EUR
    ~USD 106.99
    Sale Price: €90.55 EUR ~USD 102.00

  • Length: 6 1/5" Ring Gauge: 52 (158mm x 20.64mm)
  • Format:Campanas
  • Cigars per box:20