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Diplomáticos Cuban Cigars

Diplomaticos as a brand were introduced in 1966 as a more everyday line to their top range Montecristo cigars. They were primarily aimed at the discerning French market and are interestingly one of the few Havana brands exclusively devoted to handmade cigars.
These lovely cigars are very well made.They have a slight saltiness on the tongue, a cinnamon spice aroma, with a lingering aftertaste of woodsmoke and freshly roasted coffee. Excellent value, but supply is, unfortunately, erratic. Do make the most of them when they are available.

Diplomáticos Cuban Cigars

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Diplomaticos No. 2 (25)
Price: €228.35 EUR
~USD 255.46

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Diplomaticos Excelencia Cuba Regional Edition 2015 (10)
Price: €219.00 EUR
~USD 245.00

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