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Nicaraguan Bespoke Cigars

Nicaragua is fast gaining a well earned reputation for producing cigars that rank among the finest in the world and is taking over the top place as a source of premium cigars by volume, for the U.S. market.

Cuban farmers, who fled Cuba in 1959, brought with them their own seeds, initially settling in the Esteli region. Latterly the Jalapa region of the country is gaining attention, as plants grown here are known for being sweeter. Nicaraguan tobacco is generally described as being more full bodied and hardier than other tobaccos. Their producers value quality before anything else, they allow the tobacco to mature before rolling and, in the main, cigars are produced in relatively limited quantities.

Many reviewers have said that even if the embargo with Cuba was lifted and people were free to purchase their tobacco products, they would still insist on the tobacco that is grown in this South American country!

We at Puroexpress, after careful consideration, have decided to add these premium cigars to our own bespoke range. Their quality and construction is outstanding, they are full bodied and characterised by a very distinctive taste, maintaining woody flavors that are sometimes sharp, sometimes creamy. The range is highly aromatic with spicy, powerful fragrances that are present from the very first draw.

Nicaraguan Bespoke Cigars