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Farm Rolled Canonazo bundle (20)

  • If you’re looking for a well-priced cigar that’s very well constructed and has the draw of a premium cigar, you can’t go past these Farm Rolled. Handmade using only the best ingredients from around the world, it’s difficult to pinpoint any one element that makes them so intriguing. It gets its good looks from an Ecuadorian capa (wrapper) while Cuban tripa (filler tobacco) lends pleasing complexity with just enough of a bite. Dominican ligero (the richest leaves plucked from the very top of the tobacco plant) blend together to create a distinctly smooth flavour that’s the heart of this surprisingly sophisticated, medium-strength cigar. 

    This thick-gauge Canonazo definitely has some heft to it and this unusual shape will be familiar to those who also enjoy Cohibas. Think semi-sweet chocolate, cedar and aged leather flavours. It doesn’t pull any punches and is ready to enjoy right away, but would be worth getting a few extras to tuck away in your humidor for a rainy day. 

    [Add testimonial] “In size, appearance and taste, it reminds me very much of a secret batch of custom cigars that Sosa made in Miami in the late 90s, which were said to have a similar blend, including some black ligero from a farm in Vuelta Abajo that Fidel had gifted to a dentist from New Jersey (no kidding). I'm interested to see how they age (if I can let them).”
  • Price: €90.72 EUR
    ~USD 103.00
    Sale Price: €84.55 EUR ~USD 96.00

  • Length: 5 3/4" Ring Gauge: 51 (147mm x 20.47mm)
  • Format:Cañonazo
  • Cigars per box:20

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