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HygroSet II Adjustable Digital Hygrometer

  • HygroSet Adjustable Digital Hygrometer

    Never wonder if your digital hygrometer is accurate!

    The HygroSet is the first digital hygrometer of its kind capable of being adjusted after calibration. Each click of the adjustment knob changes the humidity display (+ / -) by 1%.

    We recommend performing the 75% salt test using Humidipak's one step calibration kit. Adjust to the correct humidity, press the set button, and your HygroSet is calibrated and ready to go!


    • Easy set calibration Instructions.
    • Humidity accuracy +/- 2% from 20% to 90%
    • Temperature accuracy +/- 1 degree (displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit)
    • 10 second refresh rate
    • Button cell battery included

    Note: The HygroSet II round is not compatible with exterior mount humidor models.

    Dimensions (Outside): 1 7/8"Dia x 1/2"Th

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