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El Rey del Mundo Cigars

The El Rey del Mundo (meaning King of the World) brand was developed in 1848 under the direction of Antonio Allones and actually registered in 1882. It epitomised  the best of the Havana brands and in the middle of the twentieth century was one of the most expensive available. The El Rey del Mundo factory still produces this brand and many other cigars under the name of Lazaro Pena.

It is renowned for its dark and oily wrappers and as a range of cigars they are light in strength and full of delicate flavours. Their subtle nuances make them good candidates for smoking any time of day, however, perhaps the pick of the selection could be said to be the "Choix Supreme", with its smooth as silk texture and toasted hazelnut finish.Distinctly aromatic, reminiscent of cedar wood and leather, with a firm draw.

Elegante:CA 83, Taino: CA85, Grandes de España CA 88, Gran Corona: CA 87, Lonsdale CA 87, Choix Supreme: CA 91, Corona de Luxe: CA 91.

El Rey del Mundo Cigars

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El Rey del Mundo Demi Tasse
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El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme (25)
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